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1943 Graduation from Mokpo Commercial High School
1964 Graduate School of Business Administration, Korea University, Seoul
1967 Graduate School of Business Administration, Kyung Hee University, Seoul
1970 Graduate Program in Economics, Kyung Hee University, Seoul
1983 Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, from Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
1992 Honorary Doctorate of Political Science, Diplomatic Academy of the Foreign Ministry of Russia, Moscow
1992 Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, from the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.
1994 Honorary Doctorate of Political Science, Wonkwang University, Korea
1995 Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Portland State University, Oregon
Mar. 1951 CEO, Heungguk Shipping Co.
Sept. 1951 Trustee, Korea Shipping Association
Oct. 1957 Member of the Central Standing Committee, Democratic Party (DP)
Oct. 1960 Spokesperson and member of the Planning Committee, DP
1961 Elected to the 5th National Assembly (Inje, DP)
1963 Elected to the 6th National Assembly (Mokpo, DP)
1965 Spokesperson, People’s Party (PP, from the merger of the DP and the Democratic Justice Party)
1966 Chairman of the Policy Committee and member of the Political Affairs Committee, PP
Feb. 1967 Spokesperson and member of the Political Affairs Committee, New Democratic Party (NDP, from the merger of the PP and the New Korea Party)
Jun. 1967 Elected to the 7th National Assembly (Mokpo, NDP)
Sept. 1970 NDP candidate for the 7th Presidential Election
1971 Elected to the 8th National Assembly (NDP)
Nov. 1974 Joins the National Conference for Democracy Restoration
1976 Arrested over the March 1stDeclaration for Democratization (for violation of Emergency Executive Order No.9)
Mar. 1979 Organizes the National Coalition for Democratization and Reunification
Feb. 1983 Founds theKorean Institute for Human Rights, Washington, D.C.
May 1983 Advisor to the International Council, Union Theological Seminary, NY
1984 Advisor to the International Committee for the Relief of Victims of Tortures, Minneapolis
1983~1984 Visiting Fellow atthe Center for International Affairs, Harvard University
Mar. 1985 Co-chair, Council for the Promotion of Democracy
Jul. 1986 Inauguration as Permanent Advisor of the New Korea Democratic Party thwarted by the authorities
Apr. 1987 Permanent Advisor, Reunification Democratic Party
Oct. 1987 Chairman, Preparation Committee for the Foundation of the Party for Peace and Democracy (PPD)
1987~1991 President, PPD
1987 PPD candidate for the 13th Presidential Election
1988 Elected to the 13th National Assembly (PPD)
1991 President, New Democratic Union Party (NDUP)
1991~1992 Chairman, consolidated opposition Democratic Party (DP)
Mar. 1992 Elected to the 14th National Assembly (DP)
May. 1992 Candidate for the 14th Presidential Election
Jun. 1992 Member of Executive Committee, DP
Dec. 1993 Member of Senior Advisory Committee, National Association for Constitutional Government
1993 Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall, Cambridge University
1994~1998 Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kim Dae-jung Peace Foundation for the Asia-Pacific Region
1995~1997 Resident Co-President, Forum of Democratic Leaders in the Asia-Pacific
1995~2001 President, National Congress for New Politics and the Millennium Democratic Party
1998~2003 The 15th President of the Republic of Korea
1981 Bruno-Kreisky Human Rights Award, Austria
1983~present Advisor to the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Fund, Washington, D.C.
1984~present Advisor to the International Committee for the Relief of Victims of Tortures, Minneapolis, Minn.
1984~present Board of Trustees at La Roche College, Pittsburgh, PA
1987 George Meany Human Rights Award by AFL-CIO, USA
1987 Human Rights Award by the North American Coalition for Human Rights in Korea, Washington, D.C.
1993 The 3rd Korean Book Lovers’ Club Award
1994 Union Medal from the Union Theological Seminary, NY
1994 Full Membership, International Academy of Ecology, Russia
Feb. 1998 Grand Order of Mugunghwa, ROK
Apr. 1998 Honorary Fellowship, London School of Economics and Political Science
Jun. 1998 Honorary Fellowship, Georgetown University, Washington
1998 The International Human Rights Award presented by the International League for Human Rights
Apr. 1999 Knight Grand Cross in The Most Honorable Order of the Bath, UK
Jul. 1999 The Philadelphia Liberty Medal
Dec. 1999 Order of Al-Hussein Ibn Ali, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Mar. 2000 Knight Grand Cross, Italian Republic
Mar. 2000 Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor, French Republic
Mar. 2000 Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit, French Republic
May 2000 Order of General Jose Dolores, Republic of Nicaragua
Nov. 2000 The Rafto Prize for Human Rights 2000 by Rafto Foundation, Norway
Nov. 2000 Family Order of Brunei, First Class, Negara Brunei Darussalam
Dec. 2000 The 2000 Nobel Peace Prize
Apr. 2001 Great Gold Cross in the Order of Juan Raphael Mora, Republic of Costa Rica
Jun. 2001 Order Aguila Azteca, Mexico (Grand Collar)
Sept. 2001 World Statesman Award by the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, NY
Dec. 2001 Knight Grand Cross in The Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George, UK
Jan. 2002 Defender of Democracy Award, Parliamentarians for Global Action
Jan. 2002 Medal of Honor, Korean Red Cross
Dec. 2003 Bernardo O’Higgins Great Cross, Republic of Chile
Dec. 2003 Award for an Outstanding Contribution, Chunsa Na Un-gyu Film Festival, Koreas
- In Korean
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- English Translation
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