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Subject (The 9th Anniversary of the June 15 South-North Declaration) Resolution
Date 2009-06-11

Resolution 】


Resolution on North Korean Nuke Issue


We are gravely concerned about North Korea's recent nuclear test and a series of missile launch. We absolutely oppose any behavior that disrupts peace on the Korean peninsula.


The solution to the North Korean nuclear problem is already written in the September 19 Joint Statement (hereafter "9.19 Joint Statement") also signed by North Korea in 2005 at the Six-party talks. The statement stipulates that the North completely abandons its nuclear weapons program, America and Japan normalize their relationship with the North, and six parties join efforts to establish the peace regime on the Korean peninsula and provide economic aids to North Korea. All agreed terms should be implemented in the principle of action for action. All of six parties agreed to these. The North Korean nuclear problem will be solved when these agreements are implemented. We must denuclearize the Korean peninsula and establish the peace regime in Northeast Asia through implementation of the 9.19 Joint Statement.


Marking the 9th anniversary of the 6.15 South-North Joint Declaration, we request that respective governments of the six parties cooperate as following in order to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue and bring peace on the Korean peninsula:


Firstly, the US Obama administration is required to clearly define its North Korean policy and make committment to implementation of 9.19 Joint Statement. Now North Korea suspects that America moves actively to deal with all issues around the world but the North Koran issue. The US should take decisive nuclear-deterring measures, while sincerely talk North Korea into cooperation for complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Pyongyang is looking forward to positive message from the US.


Secondly, China has played a great part as the chair of the Six-party process. It is understandable that Beijing has been generous towards Pyongyang. But the generosity should not extended to allow North Korea to go nuclear. The rock-solid Chinese opposition to North's nuclear armament is absolutely important in resolving solutions to the nuclear crisis. If the North is tolerated to own the nuclear arsenal, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan would try to go nuclear as well. Given this understanding, China should carry though its opposition to North's nuclear armament with no concession in a broader context of deterring nuclear proliferation. 


Thirdly, Russia should leverage its neutral position and play a leading role in making Pyongyang abandon its nuclear ambition and establishing the peace and security structure in Northeast Asia. And Japan is required to take a cooperative attitude to the Six-party process. Japanese abduction problem should be cleared up. However the goal of the Six-party process is not to find a solution to Japanese abduction problem, but to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue. It is assured that the abduction issue will be addressed while the Six-party process proceeds. We anticipate Japan's sensible and flexible attitude. 


Fourthly, the immediate stakeholders to the North Korean nuclear issue are Seoul and Pyongyang. The two have to cooperate with the US, China, Russia, and Japan and denuclearize the Korean peninsula for sure.

Pyongyang should drop any aspiration to be recognized as a nuclear state. There are no members in the Six-party process that would admit North Korean nuclear possession. Pyongyang has rights to claim to be treated as a normal country and demand security assurance and its advancement into the international community as agreed in the 9.19 Joint Statement. When North Korea completely abandons its nuclear program, countries in Northeast Asia and the world will offer fair and due treatment and provide every necessary support for it.


The Korean government should find a rational solution to North Korean nuclear issue through efforts of developing its relationship with North Korea. To this end, the prerequisite is to acknowledge and implement the 6.15 South-North Joint Declaration and 10.4 Declaration. It is necessary to reassure and implement the sublime sprit and agreed terms of the 6.15 South-North Joint Declaration and 10.4 Declaration in order to inherit the history of unification maintained for 1,300 years and pass down an era of unification rooted in peace and cooperation for our next generations. This is the only way for Koreans to take the path to peace, prosperity, and unification.


The 6.15 South-North Joint Declaration has opened a new history for reconciliation and cooperation in the Korean peninsula. Let us return to 6.15! Let us keep 6.15 alive! And let us work out people's reconciliation and cooperation and successfully resolve the North Korean nuclear crisis!


June 11, 2009


Participants of commemorative lectures for the ninth anniversary of the 6.15 South-North Joint Declaration

(The 9th Anniversary of the June 15 Sout..
(The 9th Anniversary of the June 15 Sout..